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Endless Knight

Endless Knight - Kresley Cole I don’t get shocked by books often but when I do…..


I throw my kindle really hard……..on a soft surface so I don’t break it.

I wasn’t expecting that thing that shall remain unsaid due to spoilers to happen. What a shocker! I finished this a few days ago and I’m still shocked.

”Sooo…anybody else have a sense of impending doom?”

Endless Knight didn't work for a lot of people but I loved it (maybe a little too much because now I’m in a book slump). I did think that it was a little odd that this was classified as YA. Some of the scenes were a little too explicit for YA.

In this book you get to finally meet some of those elusive characters that are talked about so much. I thought I would hate them, but this one particular character has ended up being my favorite. Oh and call me heartless, but I no longer care about the other MC. Dee-ve-oh is so annoying to me now! I hope he goes back to Cajun Town and stays there.

Betrayal would have been a better title for this book.

”I’d seen Survivor alliances tighter than mine”.

”Arcana rule number one: trust no one.”

I thought Evangeline grew a lot as a character but she still had her moments….

”How hard could it be to boil bathwater? I’d watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie once”.

I thought this was the best out of all 3 books. Kresley Cole, thanks for the reminder that the 2nd book of a series doesn’t always have to suck.

Der Gesang der Königin

Der Gesang der Königin - Victoria Aveyard This was a nice little novella about Cals parents. There were some parts in there about Julian and the evil queen that shall not be named. This story filled in a lot of missing pieces that I had often wondered about.

Poison Princess

Poison Princess  - Kresley Cole Bravo Kresley Cole! I am having a fangirl freakout! I am talking favorites shelf worthy!


I start a lot of books at one time. I thought this would be another one of the many that gets tossed to the side. Nope. This series has been at the forefront of my attention for the past week. I was in the mood for an apocalyptic story and I got so much more! This series is something truly is. I read all 3 books back to back and I need more now! If you ever read this book do it blindly. That's what I did and it was such a surprise! The only thing I knew was:

~The MC (Evangeline) was having crazy apocalyptic visions.
~Evangeline had powers akin to Poison Ivy.
~And there was an apocalyptic event destined to happen.

That's it. That's all I knew and I'm so glad I didn't know any more. It's hard to explain why I love this series. My brain goes from fully functional to zombie when I love something too much. Instead of turning into an idiot and typing, “I luvvvv it, it’s muh favorite” over and over, I will try my best to explain my obsession…..

The characters. I just loved them SO MUCH! They were multidimensional and interesting. They had their flaws and grew even more interesting as the story unfolded. And even the secondary characters were great! I miss them already.

Suspense and mystery! You never knew what was going to happen next. The journey that the MCs went on kept me on the edge of my seat. The foreshadowing was absolutely fantastic.

So much danger! The characters were in danger 99% of the time. This author knows how to keep her characters in trouble. I love it!

A MC on a mission. She didn’t turn into a braindead zombie over a guy. She had a mission and it would be hell over high water to stop it.

Okay...well I tried and I honestly can't write a review that will do this series justice. It's impossible.

I actually had this long detailed review written that accidentally got deleted. So, I guess this will have to do for now. Oh, and I have the biggest book hangover from finishing this series. I hope I can find another series to replace his one.

*Beware! There's a little high school drama at the beginning. I hate that kind of crap but the MC is still in high school when the "event" happens. I can see someone rage quitting because of the beginning. I almost took off a star for the annoyances at the beginning, but the rest was just too good.

Saphyre Snow

Saphyre Snow - Marcia Lynn McClure I found a Marcia Lynn McClure book at the library a while back, [b:A Crimson Frost|6518031|A Crimson Frost|Marcia Lynn McClure||6709893], and it ended up being one of my favorite books. I have since vowed to read as many of her books as possible, no matter how cheesy they may be. These books cannot be described as impressive literature, but there's just something great about them. Her books can be easily read in one sitting. They're stress free, fun and have some magical quality about them. I know that a lot of people would probably hate reading these, they have a particular cheese factor, but in a good way (for me at least). I probably wouldn't recommend her books to many people for that reason. Her books are 100% clean. They kind of remind me of fairytales that I read as a kid.

McClure books are so sweet that it would make most of you sick.


Sometimes even I walk away sick.


Don't say I didn't warn you.

Saphyre Snow takes place in the same world as [b:A Crimson Frost|6518031|A Crimson Frost|Marcia Lynn McClure||6709893]. It's a retelling of Snow White but in an unconventional way. I didn't love this one as much as I did A Crimson Frost but it was very enjoyable. I'm usually not too shocked with most of the developments in McClures books but I was honestly surprised with this one. The dwarves were absolutely adorable, I seriously loved them. Instead of an evil stepmother, we got an evil step grandmother. She didn't play more than a background character here because this book was all about Snow and the dwarves.

One thing that does drive me crazy is when McClures characters are kissing their mouths are always "watering".



An Ember in the Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir After lots of looking I found an interesting dystopia! It's also technically fantasy too, which is probably the reason for its awesomeness. I wish this book was fresh enough in my mind to review properly. It's another unfinished series (I always say I'll wait until the series is done) but it was just too interesting to pass up.

If you're looking for a good dystopian fantasy then have a look at this one. It probably won't disappoint. There were some parts of this book that reminded me a bit of Red Rising. It can't compare to Red Rising, don't get me wrong, but it gets a little cutthroat in the same way. I can't wait for the next book to come out later this year!

Ferran's Map (The Cat's Eye Chronicles, #4)

Ferran's Map (The Cat's Eye Chronicles Book 4) - T. L. Shreffler, Linda Jay I was really disappointed that there were no more books after this one. Now I'm going to go on a book hunt to find something similar. I didn't want this book to end. I need to know what happens to Sora, Crash, Burn and everyone else.....

Volcrian's Hunt

Volcrian's Hunt - T.L. Shreffler It's very rare for me to read the second book in a series, much less the third. I immediately picked up the next book after finishing this one.

Viper's Creed

Viper's Creed - T.L. Shreffler Amazing!

Lock In

Lock In - John Scalzi DNF 41%
I couldn't bring myself to pick this back up. It turned into a detective story and it just wasn't working for me. That wasn't at all what I expected.

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1)

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1) - Danielle  Paige DNF 24%

I love OZ but this was not for me.


Shadows  - Paula Weston This was an odd read for me. I couldn't put it down and read it almost in one sitting. I just didn't love it though. It's one of those books that's fun to read but you wouldn't want to read it again. I think my opinion is a bit skewed because I've finished [b:Haze|15765699|Haze (The Rephaim, #2)|Paula Weston||21469797] and [b:Shimmer|18211884|Shimmer (The Rephaim, #3)|Paula Weston||25634116] was a DNF. I can't help but look at this book with the other two in mind as they were both underwhelming to say the least.

But don't get me wrong, the story was as interesting one....

Gaby has reoccurring nightmares about her and a stranger fighting demons and hellhounds. One day this stranger shows up in her town and all hell breaks lose. She can't figure out if he's a friend or a foe. Then other strangers begin to show up and Gaby is under a constant threat by people that all claim to know her. The problem is that she's never seen these people before in her life...

My problem is that I didn't connect very well with the characters. I did like Rafa and I found myself reading this mostly to find out what was going on with him. I also kept waiting for something exciting to happen. I just knew the author was setting us up for something major and that's why I kept reading on. But there were no heart stopping moments and not even any "ohhhh and ahhhhs". It was bland with a promise for more.

I guess I just feel lead on and a bit cheated.....

I did love the atmosphere in this story. The setting was in a beach town, which made me feel at home because I'm a major beach bum. I'm not familiar with Australia (the location in the book) but there were a lot of little cute things in the story like....

"Shit!" Rafa's voice is sharp. Simon slams on the brakes. A wallaby is standing in the middle of the dirt track, eyes glassy in the bright headlights. Mesmerized, and measuring us".

I think I'll finish this review off with an extremely awkward wallaby gif. That is a wallaby, right?


11/22/63 - Stephen King I'm going to be honest here....I'm never going to finish this book. There's nothing wrong with it, it's me not the book. I read half of it and it was very mysterious and I kept wanting to know more. However, it's been too long and if I want to read it I have to start over. I just can't bring myself to re-read 400 pages in this behemoth of a book.


Legend - Marie Lu This book sounds like it was written for me. You've got your evil government and folks are hiding from the evil government. That's my thing....100%. So, this should have easily been a 5 star read. I'm not sure if it was the pacing or if I just couldn't connect to the characters as well as I had hoped. Either way it was a problem for me and I just really didn't care that much. I had to make myself keep reading and it ended up getting better but I still had a disconnect with the characters.

I don't see myself continuing this series but I can see why most people would love it. I think it's a case of the "it's not you, it's me" syndrome.

Red Queen

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard Reread on 3/13/16. I read the entire thing in one sitting and it was every bit as amazing as the first read.

The Red Queen was a breathtaking story with a world so full of life that I felt like I was living it. This book had every single ingredient needed for me to love it. The characters were multidimensional and never once fell flat. They were relatable and likable and even the villains were likable in their own way. The plot was deep and had lots of twists and turns. I never once felt bored and the end of the book was mind blowing. It's one of those books that you finish and wonder where the time went.

This is a story that revolves around politics and repression. There are two groups, the reds and the silvers.

Reds and Silvers
The silvers are rich and mostly made up of nobility. They are called silver because they bleed silver blood instead of red. Over the years their genes somehow mutated, giving the silvers abilities and in turn rendering them as superior over the reds. For example, some silvers can command electricity or even water. Some can even enter the mind and force one to bend to their will. Silvers are sophisticated and live in harmony with one another. However, they do not live in harmony with the reds.

To the silvers, the reds are the scum of the world. The reds are their servants. They are the lowliest of life forms and are lucky for the grace that the silvers have given them. The world is at war and the reds fight this war for the silvers. This war has been going on for as long as anyone remembers. Red children are drafted and die in war. Some escape being dragged to war by having jobs but many are unlucky. There is a storm of rebellion brewing within the walls of this red repression.

This is how the story begins. The main character Mare is a red and will be drafted in the war soon, unless she finds a job. She is a skilled thief and steals things to support her family. One night she is out stealing and is caught. The guy is merciful and actually gives her money. She later tells him her story and they part ways. Mare's friend Kilgore comes to her that same night and tells her that he lost his job and will be going to war soon. She promises Kilgore that she will find a way to save him. Stealing from the stranger and finding out about Kilgore sets off a chain of events that will change Mare's life, eventually putting Mare and everyone she knows in danger.

This book will be published sometime early next year. It is well worth a read when you get a chance. Red Queen has made its way onto my favorites shelf and I am so excited to read more of this series. I hope Victoria Aveyard is a fast writer! One more thing, in the description this book is compared to Divergent but I think it blows Divergent away.

The Star-Touched Queen

The Star-Touched Queen - Roshani Chokshi



My goodness, how do I even describe a book like this? It was unlike anything that I’ve ever read. I was completely lost in the story. I’m not usually one for flowery prose but it worked so well. The writing was beautiful. I’d even go as far to call it a masterpiece. I found myself thinking about the story whenever I wasn’t reading it. I think could be considered a “classic” in the future.

I knew I was hooked when the MC made it to the Night Bazaar….

”The Night Bazaar unfurled before us in a spectrum of color and life. Carts bearing persimmons and custard apples weaved between the crowds. Stores hopped across streets to greet likely customers. Other shops shrank to the size of thimbles, fit only for a clientele no wider than a mouse.”

”Creatures both impossibly tall and short slipped between shadow and light. An ethereal elephant whose hide shimmered pearlescent dipped its trunk into the pocket of a tall mouse.”

I’ve never highlighted so many lines in a book before. The book in its entirety is quotable.

The story begins with our MC (Maya) being shunned and mistreated due to her horoscope. Maya was surrounded by some pretty evil people and most were family. War was coming and Maya was to be married off to a stranger of another house (strangely of her choosing). Sounds typical, right? Rest assured to know it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s anything but typical.

”Your Majesty, I mean no disrespect, but the princess’s horoscope is reputed to have foretold a rather disturbing marriage. One that would partner her with death and destruction.”

”Wherever you go, you’ll only bring death with you. Take your pestilence elsewhere.”

That’s really all I can say. This book left me speechless and it’s not something that can be described in a review. Read it and see for yourself. I’ll be looking for more books by this author.

Hidden Huntress: Malediction Trilogy Book Two

Hidden Huntress: Malediction Trilogy Book Two - Danielle L. Jensen This is a story about trolls.


No, not those kind of trolls! It's also not the, "I'm going to eat you for dinner" kind of troll either. Picture a more human-like and friendly looking group of trolls (although some are vicious).

I can't rant and rave enough about the first book in this series. It's one of my favs. I'm going to be honest though, I think this book is going to piss some people off. It even kind of pissed me off. This book was completely different. The situations and characters (behavior) were very different. My favorite characters weren't even around each other for most of the book. I HATE that. Nothing is more obnoxious. Consistency is key for me and I felt like this story wasn't consistent with what I read in the previous book.

So, the story turned dark and things (characters) got a little weird. There were times when I just wanted to give up because this was not the greatness that I remembered from book one. Things just seemed to drag on and I even found myself speed reading. I felt like this part of the story could've been told in half of the book or less. It was the characters that I found the most maddening though.

But...once I got to the end, I understood where the author was taking the story. All of this was a setup to what I think will be an incredibly epic third book. Things are about to get crazy and I CAN"T WAIT!

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