Endless Knight

Endless Knight - Kresley Cole I don’t get shocked by books often but when I do…..


I throw my kindle really hard……..on a soft surface so I don’t break it.

I wasn’t expecting that thing that shall remain unsaid due to spoilers to happen. What a shocker! I finished this a few days ago and I’m still shocked.

”Sooo…anybody else have a sense of impending doom?”

Endless Knight didn't work for a lot of people but I loved it (maybe a little too much because now I’m in a book slump). I did think that it was a little odd that this was classified as YA. Some of the scenes were a little too explicit for YA.

In this book you get to finally meet some of those elusive characters that are talked about so much. I thought I would hate them, but this one particular character has ended up being my favorite. Oh and call me heartless, but I no longer care about the other MC. Dee-ve-oh is so annoying to me now! I hope he goes back to Cajun Town and stays there.

Betrayal would have been a better title for this book.

”I’d seen Survivor alliances tighter than mine”.

”Arcana rule number one: trust no one.”

I thought Evangeline grew a lot as a character but she still had her moments….

”How hard could it be to boil bathwater? I’d watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie once”.

I thought this was the best out of all 3 books. Kresley Cole, thanks for the reminder that the 2nd book of a series doesn’t always have to suck.