Captured - Erica Stevens 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 only because it kept my interest long enough to finish the book.

The setting of this story takes place in a world where vampires and humans are at war. There are small rebel factions of humans that live out in the woods and vampires that live in the city. It's a vampire dystopia. One day a group of rebels are kidnapped by the vampires. One of those kidnapped is the daughter (Arianna) of the rebel leader. They are taken to the city and auctioned off as blood slaves. Arianna is auctioned off to a monstrous vampire, only to be later claimed by one of the vampire princes. I'm sure you guys already know where this is going. Need I say more?

So, here we have an entirely predictable setup. However, there were just enough twists and intrigue in the story to keep me going, barely. I have this weird thing about dystopias and kidnappings, so don't leave this review thinking this is some literary masterpiece. It is not. It is a free book on kindle though.

This could have been an amazing series had it not been for the lack of world building and the ultra mushy romance.