Sora's Quest

Sora's Quest - T.L. Shreffler Here is the book that got me obsessed with reading again! I've gone awhile without finding a series that I could really love. This is going on my favorite books ever shelf. I read all 4 books in 5 days because it was so danged good.

This book has a fantasy/paranormal feel to it. The main character (Sora) is a noble that wants to run away from her terrible father. Sora's father is murdered on the same night that she planned to run away. She ends up being kidnapped by the same person that murdered her father. The man is cruel and oddly inhuman. His companion isn't human at all and is what they call a "wolfy". The wolfy and the man have plans for Sora because they are on the run from a powerful wolfy mage. Sora is wearing a special necklace called a cats eye and the two kidnappers know that it can protect them. Sora is oblivious to the necklace but soon finds out that she is in for one crazy and terrifying adventure.

The adventures found in these 4 books have been amazing. The characters were built up exactly the way I like them without the world building suffering at all. Everything was balanced. I just can't say enough about these books. You will find tons of magic and some very interesting characters.

The first book is free on kindle and I'm pretty sure the author says it will always be free. Apparently the author knows that we will be hooked if we read the first book. The only bad thing is that the series isn't finished. There are 4 books so far.