Plants vs Zombies: Timepocalypse

Plants vs Zombies: Timepocalypse - Paul Tobin, Ron Chan Read this to my 5 year old and he LOVED it. I was so excited to find out that there were PVZ comics! In our house PVZ is king, so this comic was right on time. Crazy Dave was absolutely hilarious. In this comic, Zomboss was trying to take over the world, so Crazy Dave and his group had to travel back in time to set everything straight. It was funny because they didn't know the plants names, so instead of calling Sunflower, "Sunflower", they called her Fred.

It was a really cute comic and the drawings were great. I'm sure we will read every issue that's released. I was surprised that my son had the attention span to stick with this comic because it was somewhat long.

So freaking cute....