Halo - Frankie Rose I wish I could've written a review of this when it was fresh on my mind. It was a fantastic dystopian read and I wish I could remember all of the details.

The story starts out with a female warrior (Kit) fighting and eventually killing her best friend in the ring. Picture a Roman Colosseum with Gladiators, but in the future type setting. The warriors all wore collars around their necks to "regulate" their emotions. Right before killing her best friend, Kits collar is broken and she experiences a rush of strange emotions. She goes on to hide this fact from everyone around her and things get incredibly crazy. Not to mention, while all of this is happening our characters are living in the midst of an insanely psychotic and corrupt government. BTW, I love reading about insane governments, it's kind of "my thing".

"Just know, Kit. After seventeen years, I'm finally awake. And I'm going to find a way to wake you up, too."

After the Kit losing her collar (halo) fiasco, she escapes the city and makes a run for it. Outside the city, she meets Ryka. Things get even more interesting after she follows him back to meet a large isolated community of people living in the woods.

Halo really impressed me, and it was exactly the type of dystopia I was looking for. It was exciting, mysterious and had a great cast of characters. I definitely want to read more of this series.