The Selection

The Selection  - Kiera Cass Here's another book that I just knew I'd hate but ended up loving. America Singer is the name of the MC...that name nearly drove me crazy. I kind of "get" her name now that I've finished the book. At the beginning of the book, I kept having mental images of a map each time I read her name. I can't help that my brain associates "America" with a map of America. Surely I'm not the only one...right?

I guess I should have known that I'd love this book. A dystopia plus "The Bachelor....yes! I love reality television and this book is very similar.


In this story society is separated by different castes, depending upon how they are born. Our MC (the map) was born in a lower caste, so her family was poor. To keep the public morality up, people born in royalty are married off to someone of a lower caste. They do this by having a "selection". It's basically like the show, "The Bachelor". So, in this book the prince is having a selection to find the person he will marry. Our MC is chosen as one of the many girls in "The Selection". The thing is...she's kind of pissed and doesn't want to be there. She's just there for the money to help feed her family (because they get a sort of stipend just for being there). This makes for some very interesting circumstances.

I ended up being completely absorbed by The Selection. I read it in one sitting. It's been a while since I've liked a book that much. America and Maxon were really great characters and the entire story moved along at a perfect pace. The plot and subplots were engaging and I felt like I was a part of this world that the author built. I'd love a little more world building and less drama amongst the other selection girls though.

One thing to note: Don't read this book expecting a resolution. I think this is one of those series that you have to view the trilogy as one big book. If I had read this before the trilogy was finished I'd be pretty upset.

Edited to add: Well it looks like I'm going to be upset because I just found out that there's a fourth book on the way. No, there's no way that I can hang in there for another book. The second book already has me bored to tears....nope just nope. I still love this one though!