Shadow Game

Shadow Game - Christine Feehan I had to make myself finish this. I kept reading because I remembered all of those great 4 and 5 star reviews. I was told that fans of The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning would love Shadow Game by Christine Feehan. The only way this could be true is if you only liked The Fever Series due to the sex scenes. In my opinion, Shadow Game was nothing but a disguised erotica. I have a term that I use for books like these.

Covert Porno - A book with a thin plot that is only used as a device to bring characters together for multiple graphic sexual situations.

These books are usually not labeled as "erotica", thus earning itself my homemade label, "covert porno". Covert porno's are great for those that want to read erotica but don't want to be labeled as an "erotica reader".

Use covert porno in a sentence.
The synopsis of Shadow Game was very interesting but it was just another covert porno.

Here is the setup.

Captain Ryland Miller and his men are locked up in a military facility. His men are dying in mysterious "accidents". Strange things are happening. Captain Ryland and his men can communicate telepathically among many other things. The head scientist, Peter Whitney, brings his daughter Lily to visit with Captain Ryland.

Now we have it setup so that our main characters can instantly fall in love (because that always happens in real life). Now they can have lots and lots of rabbit sex.

Lily and Ryland met and it was love at first sight. Awww, how sweet stupid. They then had sex with each other in their dreams. Then they had sex in real life. And then they had sex again and again and again.

Christine Feehan, I am sorry for picking on your book. Yours is just the one that broke the straw with me. I keep picking up books that seem to have great plots but instead I get a stupid rabbit hump fest. Sex should never come before the plot unless the genre is erotica.