Sanctum  - Sarah Fine Sanctum told the story of a girl that went to the darkest pits of hell to save her best friend that committed suicide.

I think what I liked the most about this book was the world building. The people that lived in sanctum were drowning in their own addictions. They could have basically anything that they wanted, and in the end that is what kept them trapped there.

"The residents here were willing to defend their precious treasures to the end. They collected junk until they were trapped in their apartments, buried in all their wishes, in all the things they'd collected to fill the emptiness that made them kill themselves in the first place."

"One lady sat on a curb surrounded by piles of shoes. As I watched, a slimy pair of stilettos grew over her previously bare feet. She took them off, added them to a pile, and bent over to stare at her feet again".

I had 4 stars in mind for this book until the last half. I wasn't crazy about how the romance took over the story. I felt like it was too much at times. It was one of those things like, "Oh no, my life is in danger but I'd sure love to kiss someone right now". To me that discounted the fact that the MC's life was is in danger. I thought those parts dulled the action a little.

Overall I did enjoy this book. It was different and unlike anything I have ever read. I'll most likely continue this series. If you like the paranormal romance genre then you will most likely enjoy this book.