Red Queen

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard Reread on 3/13/16. I read the entire thing in one sitting and it was every bit as amazing as the first read.

The Red Queen was a breathtaking story with a world so full of life that I felt like I was living it. This book had every single ingredient needed for me to love it. The characters were multidimensional and never once fell flat. They were relatable and likable and even the villains were likable in their own way. The plot was deep and had lots of twists and turns. I never once felt bored and the end of the book was mind blowing. It's one of those books that you finish and wonder where the time went.

This is a story that revolves around politics and repression. There are two groups, the reds and the silvers.

Reds and Silvers
The silvers are rich and mostly made up of nobility. They are called silver because they bleed silver blood instead of red. Over the years their genes somehow mutated, giving the silvers abilities and in turn rendering them as superior over the reds. For example, some silvers can command electricity or even water. Some can even enter the mind and force one to bend to their will. Silvers are sophisticated and live in harmony with one another. However, they do not live in harmony with the reds.

To the silvers, the reds are the scum of the world. The reds are their servants. They are the lowliest of life forms and are lucky for the grace that the silvers have given them. The world is at war and the reds fight this war for the silvers. This war has been going on for as long as anyone remembers. Red children are drafted and die in war. Some escape being dragged to war by having jobs but many are unlucky. There is a storm of rebellion brewing within the walls of this red repression.

This is how the story begins. The main character Mare is a red and will be drafted in the war soon, unless she finds a job. She is a skilled thief and steals things to support her family. One night she is out stealing and is caught. The guy is merciful and actually gives her money. She later tells him her story and they part ways. Mare's friend Kilgore comes to her that same night and tells her that he lost his job and will be going to war soon. She promises Kilgore that she will find a way to save him. Stealing from the stranger and finding out about Kilgore sets off a chain of events that will change Mare's life, eventually putting Mare and everyone she knows in danger.

This book will be published sometime early next year. It is well worth a read when you get a chance. Red Queen has made its way onto my favorites shelf and I am so excited to read more of this series. I hope Victoria Aveyard is a fast writer! One more thing, in the description this book is compared to Divergent but I think it blows Divergent away.