Glass Sword (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard

Here is my most awaited book of 2016. Major excitement usually comes with a major let down. My 3 stars are extremely generous to say the least. 

I’m not sure if it’s second book syndrome or something else. I started out loving it and then it all fell apart. FYI, I 5 starred Red Queen. It was one of my favorite books from last year. I expected Glass Sword to be an instant 5 star read. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. It honestly was a disappointment. 

What I Liked
The action.

What I Disliked
The 8 billion new characters.

Will the real Mare please stand up? Mare really pissed me off. She was heartless, whiny, and oh so annoying. She pushed everyone away and entered special snowflake territory. 

She was a bit of a nutcase. I began to loathe her and most of her actions throughout the book. She was so different from the Mare I thought I knew. I felt like I was reading about an entirely new character. I suppose living that type of life will do that to a person, but it was insufferable at times. Suck it up snowflake and move on. What a freaking nutcase.....

I felt like I was reading a book called, “The Life and Times of a Statue” when it came to Cal. 

He didn’t even seem real to me anymore. Cal was dull and had no personality. The author didn’t let us get to know him at all in this book. He was just thrown to the sidelines so that Special Snowflake could whine and hate the freaking world. He is one of my favorite characters, so that annoyed me immensely. Can we just forget about Mare and let Cal run the show?

The 8 Billion New Characters
Ugh, we just didn't have time for that. There was a mass exodus of new characters in the last half of the book. ManyMost of these characters were not developed. I couldn’t even bring myself to care. It was confusing as to who was who. However, I did like Cameron. She was interesting. I was really hoping that (view spoiler)

Who’s Maven? Does he even go here?

The good news is that I never wanted to stop reading. I really love this world and I’d probably read about the characters cutting grass if that were the case. It gets 3 stars (well actually 2.5 rounded up) from me because of the action and for the fact that I didn't want to DNF. Maybe my expectations were too high......

I still have hope that the next book will be epic.