House Immortal (A House Immortal Novel Book 1)

House Immortal (A House Immortal Novel Book 1) - Devon Monk I finished this book a few days ago and I honestly don't know how to review it. This series is so unique and it has a plot so crazy that it's hard to review. I tried explaining this series to my husband and I failed miserably. It's that different. So, I'm going to try my best.

The plot centers around a group of people that are galvanized. They are stitched together people (from body parts of other people) and they have super human strength. Their heads can be chopped off and they'd still live. They are kind of like Frankenstein people but not in a hideous terrifying way. There are different houses, which are kind of like kingdoms, and each house has a galvanized to help strengthen them from enemies.

The main character is a galvanized named Matilda. She's not a pansy Mary Sue. She's smart, strong and isn't afraid of much (besides losing the ones she loves). Matilda is special because nobody knows she's galvanized. She has been hidden well, until one of the other galvanized find her.

The rest of the MCs are all equally as awesome as Matilda. I loved them all. I even loved the crazy stitched animals.

I can't even tell you 90% of the things that are amazing about this series because it's one that's best read blindly. There are lots of plot twists and some crazy syfy stuff that happens. The world building is just right but it's the characters and crazy plot that makes this series great. I like character driven books. A book will go straight to DNF if it's not character driven. That should tell you the type of book this is.

I wasn't overly involved with this book until it it reached about 70% (reason for 4 stars and not 5). I liked it a lot before then but I wasn't in love with it. As soon as I got to around 70% I became obsessed and the story is still going strong into book 3. It was well worth the wait. Now I'm on the hunt for some more urban fantasy. I've never really been into UF but now I need more!