Not mind-blowing but good......

The Griever's Mark (Volume 1) by Katherine Hurley (2014-11-11) - Katherine Hurley;

This book had me at teleportation!  I know that sounds like science fiction but it's definitely fantasy.  It's actually called "drifting".  


The Griever's Mark is about a MC that was taken by an evil overlord as a child.  He had her "leashed" to him, which means she could never escape without him finding her.  The book starts out showing her struggle living in a world that's near war and coping with being a slave.  


A lot of fantasy books that I've read would be considered "fantasy-lite".  I would put this book somewhere in between fantasy-lite and fantasy.  There was a love story in the book but it never took over the story. 


I really thought this book would have been a 5 star read for me.  I liked the story a lot but I never felt any emotion from reading it.  I think there may have been a disconnect with the characters (that's my pet peeve).  I also think the main characters weren't in peril enough.  There just wasn't enough conflict for me I suppose.  I was never on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next.  I did care enough to keep reading and it had some great fantasy elements to it, so that's why I have it 3 stars.


This is free on kindle unlimited.  I don't think I'll continue on to the next book (so far there are 3 I think).